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A few years ago, I was asked to participate in a meditation seminar and envision myself twenty years down the road.

It was a completely life-altering-event — My Vision.

I went deep down into the void — the luscious place where my consciousness sinks every time I sit on my cushion. There I met myself — my seventy-plus-year-old-self.

She was Me — only older, wiser, radiant with joy. She smiled my smile and laughed my laugh. Crows feet deeper, eyes sparkling, still standing tall and strong. As I assessed her physically — I felt Our Body thank me for decades of a devoted yoga practice.

I asked her The Question we were instructed to ask our future selves — “How do we get from where I am to where you are?” Simple enough — right?

Wisdom poured forth from her. I listened attentively — wishing I could be taking notes, knowing I didn’t need to. Because in truth, this wisdom was already inside of me. It was MY WISDOM. All I had to do was open the channel and listen.

And with this realization, I discovered the point of the entire exercise. One flash of insight to be carried forward for the rest of my days. I already carried the answers to my existence within me. Either consciously or subconsciously I had closed down the channels to my own inner knowing. To be happy — to find myself and My Future Best Life — all I had to do was access what I already knew to be My Truth.

Open The Channels.

So I did.

I began to invest more in the people I knew who loved me.

I stopped giving fucks about people who didn’t.

I focused on fine-tuning My Echo — that which I sent out into the world. No more negativity. Only Love. Because that is what I wished to receive.

I let things go — whatever was meant to go — to make room for whatever was meant to come.

I listened. To All. The. Things.

My Life became sweeter, richer, calmer, more peaceful, in a matter of a few months, every single thing had changed.

I had changed.

I don’t know if I’ll ever ‘arrive’ and become the woman I met in my vision. She was The Finished Product of my existence. But I know I am on The Path — Walking toward her, with a smile on my face and joy in my heart.


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