One of my pals from nursing school called me in a panic one day. Her 16 year old had just sat her and his dad down and come out to them. She was not the least bit upset about his sexual orientation. She was terrified for his SAFETY. He had this talk talk with them just a few months after Matthew Shepherd has been so brutally murdered.

I spoke words to comfort her. What great parents she and her husband were to have the kind of relationship with their son — the trust that he could share this openly with them. And even more so- that he understood at 16 — this is who I am. They had given him a loving environment to become himself completely.

My friend’s son grew into a strong and beautiful young man. He married another young man who was not so fortunate. That young mans conservative parents and brother did not attend the wedding. But his grandmother did. And I did. And so did all of my friend’s family.

Because LOVE. And now my friend has another son. Because every now and then Love wins.

It’s so rare — I just wanted you all to know.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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