One day I looked around and told my 39 year-old, “You do understand, I will never ‘dress my age’ — right?”

Her response — “Thank God!”

I was standing next to her in skinny jeans, black biker boots, a t-shirt (mine did have the 4 letter words on it — but they were printed so you had to read them sideways) and said t-shirt was mostly covered up by a black leather jacket.

However — we were at a concert. My t-shirt was the least offense message — with “un*uck yourself “ nearly a Koan in comparison many others I saw.

And I’ve had purple hair for over 4 years now.

My work wardrobe resembles Stevie Knicks preparing for a Fleetwood Mac comeback. ;)

Oh yes — never — ever — wear the nice blouses.

GREAT PIECE!! I completely loved it!



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