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A friend and I were chatting about times gone by. Times when our kids were young. When we both had spouses in our lives. When Life looked completely different. Our Rainbow was vivid. We were living nestled up next to a Pot Of Gold.

But Change happens. Children grow — thankfully so — no one wants to live with a 2 -year-old forever. Adults grow. Diseases and diagnoses arrive and forever change the trajectory of Life.

One day you look up and there you are. No Rainbow. No Pot Of Gold.

And you want to go back. Maybe it’s to the glory days of your youth. Or to the time when your children were young and still needed you. Perhaps you want to return to the days when your relationship was new and held the fresh scent of a future — a beginning. Or maybe its all of the above.

However, there are more than a few problems with lingering in Your Past.

First of all — it’s not Real.

It’s a Movie in Your Memory Banks that you’ve got on replay. A Film Clip. A Highlight of Past Events. And do keep in mind as you’re watching — you only see it from the perspective of one of the actors in the production — Your Perspective. Every actor in the thing will have a version of what you’re watching and will hold a different “Truth” regarding said events.

It’s scenery along the riverbank which you have passed on Your Journey. Gone. Miles back. Likely it wouldn’t even look the same to you. Change comes to all things. Even the touchstones of The Past. By dwelling on them and trying to paddle back to them— you’re missing the beauty of the sights before you. Now. In your current landscape.

Life is an Echo.

Gratitude for The Gifts we have been given — the Love we have shared — The People we have been blessed with — this is what feeds Our Soul. This is how we move forward on Our Journey. If we stay looking over our shoulders at the grief of The Losses, the regret of The Missteps, the fear of The Loneliness — we will never have Peace.

Peace is the place where we will be able to see All The Rainbows in All. The. Things. which come into Our Lives. Peace is the place we will discover The Pot Of Gold doesn’t actually hold Gold at all — It’s full of Love.

“Everything in the past is memory and everything in the future is imagination. Those’re both illusions — memories are unreliable and we just speculate about the future. The only thing that’s completely real is this one instant of the present…” — Jeffery Deaver, The Vanished Man


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