On line dating sucks. They are all the same man/woman. At least they were for me.

I am an extroverted introvert. The life of the party and social director. I’m a lot of constant motion and love to go out & travel. My Sagittarius nature true to form in a frightening accurate to type protrayal. But I NEED alone and solitude as well. Needing vast amounts of ‘Me” time and quiet to refuel. A conundrum wrapped in a riddle for anyone who might want to try to date me. So — I don’t do that anymore. I just let The Universe bring me who She brings me. I have most fabulous friends in Real Life to do most fabulous things with, and lately She has brought me a great community here to share The Feels with. Who all seem to get the ‘Me’ time stuff. What great balance added to my life!

The Universe, I have found, is really much better at all that than we are. If you look at your life — when you meet ‘The One’ — wasn’t it all when you least expected it? When you weren’t really trying?

Yeah. I thought so. So relax. Because — She’s got that too. ❤

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned