Oh Tom — It’s not in my bio. I’ve written about being a nurse a lot. If you have slept with a nurse for over 40 years — you know how that is. We just can’t turn it off. :) My deepest respect to you as well. Being the partner is a tough job! My husband used to introduce me, “This is my wife Ann, she’s a nurse — don’t ask her about her work…” :)

And as you know — nurses — we have a hard time getting those shields down to the vulnerable bits. I took your response as a great compliment — about the bleeding. You’re absolutely correct — a good writer shares their emotions — All. The. Emotions.

Thank you so much for ‘chatting’. Please come back again sometime soon! Have a great evening & My Best to the Nurse in your world! ❤

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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