OH so true!!! I started a much less physical J.O.B. this summer and my body is not so happy about that. Sure I’m less stressed and less exhausted when I drag myself out of work every day — but I’m finding I’m more achy in other places. And — I’ve gained weight. Remember my 10# — it’s now got company. So I’m going to up my yoga practice to a more vigorous style once a week. And find a dance class. I’m not a fan of the gym — never have been — every time I’ve joined I’ve let my membership languish. Lesson learned — find physical activity that you LOVE so that you will DO IT. And once the weather breaks and my lungs won’t implode from the cold air — I’ll hit the trails again. My Body and I are renegotiating our new circumstances, because Life is about Change.

Thanks for another great read my friend! Happy Holidays!!

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned