Oh my dear dear friend! That is so very long to miss someone! I think there remains a tipping point forever. Even long after we think we are healed. We feel so blessed to have had this person to love and to be loved. To know this experience in our world. Because — how much poorer our lives would have been without them in it? Right? So we take all the good stuff and hold it closely. But then — we tip. And the longing for one more moment — a look, a kiss, the sound of their voice seeps out of our hearts. The Yang to the Yin of Love.

And we cry. Because we had it. Because we lost it. Because we know we will never have anything quite like that again. Because it was an irreplaceable gift. Because we were blessed.

Much love to you James. Know I hold you in my heart. ❤

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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