Oh Julia! This has to be one of your very best pieces! So personal — yet so very healing! All of us who have walked this path before you and are standing on the edges of our personal swamps — out side the much (at least temporarily) rooting for you on the sidelines — we are smiling and laughing with you and are near tears reading this.

Perspective — so critical! Asking the right questions! What a completely brilliant way to put this healing process — OH MY GOD! My BFF saved My Life with a question of her own & I revert to it “In Times Of Trouble” -What do you want your life to look like? And if I ever answer ‘Not This!’ to myself — I know it’s up to me to find The Path again because I’ve wandered away from where I belong.

If I could I would have highlighted the whole of this. Many many blessings to you Dear Friend as you walk Your Path with sure feet and a strong back. We never know what’s around the next bend — but for most of us — that’s the best part. ❤

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned