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Samhain — Witch’s New Year — Day Of The Dead. Oh My!

So many exquisite holidays to celebrate! I can’t even begin to explain what a wonderful time of the year this is for Pagans/Witches/Druids.

I did read a FB meme yesterday which rather summed it up:

“I love this time of year…when I can dig graves in my front yard and people just think its a cute Halloween display.”

{For those of you who might get easily offended — allow me to offer this: It’s a joke. We still get to make those. Go be offended someplace else.}

We Pagans know how to party. We know how to celebrate Life. Because we are not afraid of Death. We embrace Death as part of Life — not some punishment for eating fruit.

Day Of The Dead — right around the corner BTW — allows us to mourn and celebrate the people we loved who have moved on to The Next Thing.

All of the Pagan Holidays are raw, out there, intense celebrations. They let you Feel The Feels. They are not respectful, repressive bullshit with cloth tablecloths and assigned seating.

Not. Even. Close.

Christians hijacked all the Pagan holidays and attempted to water them down and fit their square peggedness into the round hole which is Christianity. If you ever doubt that — ask a Christian what rabbits and eggs (Pagan symbols of fertility) have to do with Christ dying on a cross.

The answer is nothing. Not a damn thing. But they have EVERYTHING to do with having sex and making babies as soon as the weather gets warm enough to support LIFE. Ostara — sound familiar? Easter is about fertility and Life.

Everything is about Life! All. The. Things.

But I digress…back to October.

Samhain is a harvest feast. Traditionally we leave loaves out for The Spirits. In modern times we’ve switched it up a bit. I leave out a bowl of candy for my Trick or Treaters, as for many years now, I’ve been off to my own parties to celebrate. The Little Spirits have been good to me and there are usually a few items leftover for me to enjoy when I get home.

There are bonfires. Just to make a note right here — there are ALWAYS bonfires no matter what the holiday we’re getting down with. You can pretty much make bank on that.

And dancing. (See above)

Because Life is a GIFT. A Celebration. A Joy.

We do not sin by merely existing. We sin by not appreciating all The Blessings we have in our Now and by sitting out all the opportunities we are given to DANCE!

Merry Samhain! Blessed Day Of The Dead! Happy Witch’s New Year!

May you dance through The Fire which is Your Life with Joy!


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