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That’s right — you heard me. It can wait.

Have you noticed? We have become people who are constantly On Call. For everyone. And if we’re not careful we are going to go mad!

I used to take call years ago in one of my many J.O.B.s in nursing. It was completely stressful those few hours when I was at the beck and call of my team. I hardly slept at night. I was always tuned in and waiting for the pager or phone to go off. It was incredibly stressful.

So — what has society done? It’s all gotten itself phones and put itself On Call for all the people in The World. Not just your work — your friends — your family (extended family even! — your third cousin’s sister-in-law on your mother’s side) — Facebook — random strangers whose phone number comes up as “USA”. You name it — we are On Call for it.

I’m a Mom — I get it. My phone is always on and truthfully — if one of my kid’s numbers come up — I will answer it no matter what else is going on in My Life now that I’m not in the OR. But they are the only people who have that kind of access to me.

For everyone else, I’m pulling My Energy back into My Sphere. Leave a message — when I have time — I’ll figure out whether or not I’ll call you back. Or text you.

Because I am NOT ON CALL for The Whole Fucking World. NO. (the complete sentence which it is).

It’s a wonder we are a stressed-out mess of a society. There is no downtime from being On Call. We are walking around constantly waiting for the next call/text/tweet/FB message to come through and invade Our Real Life. We are poised for the typewritten words which may change our whole day! Our whole attitude! Fight or Flight fully engaged!

My ex-husband is a great guy. We had a damn good run as far as marriages go — thirty-two years. And he taught me one really important lesson — cell phones exist for the owner’s convenience — no one else’s. He would take his fishing with him and then TURN IT OFF. I could never reach him, but if he had an emergency, he had it.

Because he was not On Call for The World. Ever.

Can you even begin to imagine the energy you could save by ignoring your phone? By thinking of Your Life as Your Own and refusing to allow anyone to interrupt it with their electronic junk mail?

I’ve done my time On Call — thanks so much. In days past the hospital paid me for the pain and suffering I endured to take call. No one is paying me to be On Call anymore.

So I’m not.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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