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Never Argue With an Editor

And other bits of writing wisdom

Ann Litts
5 min readJun 9, 2024


I have been writing on the Medium platform for well over seven years now. In that time, I have also managed to become an editor for three publications and inherited a fourth from the original owner. Before I retired, when writing was truly necessary to keep my sanity, I wrote for over a dozen different publications.

I thought it might be time I shared some of the lessons I learned about writing here.

The first thing is the title of my piece: never argue with an editor. One would think that this is a simple enough concept and as a writer, I always knew the futility of pissing off the very person who has the power to publish or reject my work. Apparently, this needs to be said out loud. Since I’ve become an editor — I have come across many individuals who take offense at being held to submission guidelines.

This leads to the next bit of advice: read the submission guidelines BEFORE you submit your piece to a publication. Make sure you are following THEIR rules. Because it’s their publication and guess what? They make the rules. They are city hall and we all know how useless it is to argue with that particular entity.