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Nana, Winter-Born of the House Gryffindor, First of Her Name, The Single, Queen of Operating Rooms, Khaleesi of Wolves, Rider of Motorcycles, Mystic Yogini, Breaker of Dishes, Fire Spirit, and Mother of Mothers.

I am Nana. It’s more than a name or an endearment. It’s a title to be honored.

I am not just any Nana.

I am Nana — of The Purple Hair.

I am Nana — of The Magnificent Apple Pies.

I am Nana — of The Red Motorcycles.

I am Nana — who makes splinters disappear in your sleep.

I am Nana — who serves ice cream as a meal.

I am Nana — who will speak the word, “No” in only the most extreme of circumstances.

I am Nana — bearer of gifts, fulfiller of wishes, maker of magik, teller of stories.

I am Nana —hugger, secret keeper, listener, snuggler to Three Magical Creatures.

I am Nana.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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