Nalini — Thank you for response! So much wisdom. I have struggled so much this week and swung between so many extremes. Rage/anxiety/acceptance/peace. I sat last night in meditation and attempted to regroup.

In the end — Life plays out in the manner in which it should. As awful and painful as it is. But this week — we learned we were not alone. A powerful man whose past had been hidden in the darkness had a bright spot light shined on it and if nothing more his name will live on forever in infamy as being associated with ‘Boys will be boys’ and face no consequences for their asshole behavior. Not the kind of legacy an ego filled character would like to leave behind and perhaps the best gift for his behavior Karma could ever bestow. Will he sit on the Court? Who know? But even if he does — his hearing — his hearing will be forever the place a woman told her truth and he was shown to be who he was.

They might even change “boys will be boys” to “pulling a Kavanaugh” And wouldn’t that just be a most gratifying ‘eternal life sentence’ for the Judge’s ‘good’ name?

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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