Nachos, Beer, And The Blues

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Photo by Stefan Cosma on Unsplash

I had a bad day. The kind of day that makes you rethink your direction in life. Stops you dead in your tracks and makes you ponder other options.

Like coloring with your grand children. From now until the end of time. Cause this adulting bullshit is fucked up.

People are fucked up. And they seem determined to scatter their shit all over your stuff.


But tonight I am not having it. I am sitting in my favorite blues joint about to listen to Samantha Fish sing her heart out. In front of me is a great amber lager and some truly stellar nachos. My friends are enroute.

So. Those other people and their issues — poor poor them. They have no beer. No nachos. No blues. And no friends like my friends. My friends are awesome friends.

I briefly considered sending an intention out for karma to find the people who had so disrupted my peace of mind today but then I realized — She already has.

Remember the big picture when people try to bring you down. It’s always…always…about their shit. It’s never about you.


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Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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