My two cents. Balance. If all you’re doing is sitting in front of your computer for hours at a time — then yes. Shut off your computer. Do it NOW. And go outside. Breathe fresh air and don’t come back until you’ve gotten yourself a REAL LIFE again. You owe yourself a reality. With colors, and smells, and sounds, and tastes, and sensations. A 3-D reality.

But if you have that — you can certainly not feel any guilt by augmenting it with relationships you find here. I use FB daily to keep in touch with family members that live hundreds of miles away and I like to post inspirational shit for my friends and they tell me it helps them. I LIKE it — so I’m glad they like it too. But — I also meditate, do some yoga, hike and play with my grand children. I go out on dates with my fella and I go have brunch with my friends. I do laundry. I read real honest to God books with paper pages because it pleases my senses.

I turn off my phone. I don’t tweet. I touch a tree, I go bare foot in the grass. I go to the beach. And then I post a story on Medium about it.

Balance. No guilt. ;) Life is full of yummy things. Enjoy them all!

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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