My take on all of this — in My Life — and I encounter stuff too. (Thankfully not next door — but in suffering patients and other places). Humans who have so much trouble in this Life are still learning to be Human. They are New Humans. The Terrible Twos of the Human world. Some more destructive than others — surely. Painful and harmful to their world — But The Goddess with Her Infinite Mother Mercy will continue to send them back to The World to learn. Will continue to allow Us — Their Older Siblings to show them how it’s done. Until eventually after many lifetimes — their souls catch up. You may not make a dent in this Lifetime — Dear Lori. You may only plant a seed for the Next Time. But know — You are being true to YOURSELF. Your Path. Your Life. And God/Goddess — well — She knows your heart. ❤ Siblings are tough. Spiritual ones as well.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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