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I have Lucy King to thank for leading me to ponder all The Gifts I have in My Day-To-Day travels which contribute to the many Perfect Days The Universe and I cobble together. But more than that — A Perfect Day is also devoid of all the dramas which are the undoing of days with Perfect Day potential.

As with all of Life — it’s about The Balance. Yin/Yang.

The recipe of My Perfect Day is a two-fold process. It includes some of The Gifts which bring me Joy — sprinkled generously throughout and excludes the distraction of The Trials which compel me into Chaos and pull me from Peace.

For me — My Perfect Day would pull from The Joy List:

Time with Loved Ones — in person or on FaceTime

Long moments of silence and reflection — freedom to pursue whatever activity strikes my fancy or whim — to write, practice yoga, or sit in meditation.

A perfect cup of tea, a pot of hot coffee, or a bit of tequila — chilled with an orange — to savor looking over the ocean or curled up in front of my fire — season dependent.

Free Time in my Zen Den, a good book in my hand — feeling, smelling, nearly tasting — the experience as I’m pulled into the story and leave my own Reality behind.

A walk. In The Woods, next to The Ocean. Up a Mountain Trail. Anywhere outdoors where She can find me and I can find Her.

Twenty-four hours with nothing written on my calendar. A blank canvas to paint any way I chose at That Moment. Freedom to be completely Myself In My Now.

The knowledge that all whom I love are well, safe, and happy.

A Nap.

My Perfect Day would not have any of the following in it:

Alarms (I’m with you Lucy on this one!)

Obligations or responsibilities — to Any One.

Drama or trauma — somehow, some way — The World — My World at least — the piece of it which surrounds My Now — would be calm and soothing, devoid of rapids or whirlpools.

The voices — My Mind would be quiet, settled. The small v- voices pacified for a time— not nagging me to over analyze this or that. The OCD button turned to OFF. Acceptance of Who-I-am winning The Mental Olympics against Who-The-World-Thinks-I-Should-Be.

Today already has the makings of A Perfect Day. I rose late without an alarm and chatted with my beloved cousin. I finished a pot of good hot coffee and am pondering My Now as I finish this post. Write more? Get out my yoga mat? Perhaps my meditation cushion?

The fact that I have the choice — the freedom — is profound. I feel the chaos and drama from a week of work and external overwhelm drop away from me. The excellent night’s sleep I just had restored my mojo. Life has become more than something to be endured.

Life has become something to be lived once more.


PS — you can read about Lucy’s Perfect Day here. Lucy had challenged us to write about Our Perfect Day in 200 words or less. That part made me laugh. I can’t even tell someone, “Good Morning!” in 200 words. I came in at just around 500. However, I did keep the 4-letter ones to a minimum.

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