My mother always wore White Shoulders — an old Estee Lauder scent. She used the powder so it was very faint. But I can tell if someone standing beside me wears it. Our scent center in our brain is by our memory centers. When I was a young mother — I found a perfume that didn’t make me sneeze — that I liked & I’ve worn a touch of it ever since. My children and my grandchildren know this is Nana’s scent. Like my mother — there is a scent they may someday catch a whiff of that will float a memory of me to the surface of their brain long after I am returned to The Place. Each perfume also mingles with our own body chemisty so that our ‘scent’ is unique even among people wearing the same scent. The Universe will gift those moments only rarely when All Things cohese to bring that scent to bear.

It is a such a gift that your grand daughter already seeks to keep ‘you’. ❤

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned