My laugh lines — around my mouth and the crinkles (ie crow’s feet) at the corners of my eyes — tell a tale of a face which has laughed her way through All. The. Things. The silver and gray in my hair is splashed with 3 shades of purple to let people know — yes I color my hair — but not to hide my age — to be SEEN. I will not be an Invisible Old Lady. Oh fuck no!

The yoga and meditation carry meld my body to my soul and help me understand — I am not my body. She is the vessel who requires care for the work she has done in this life.

So I care for her. With kindness and compassion. I listen to her needs. I move her and I rest her.

I think many people disconnect from their bodies. They punish them for being too this, or not enough that. As they age — instead of being thankful for how far their bodies have carried them — they resent the fact their bodies didn’t stay a 20 year-old specimen of strength and agility. They never see the gifts of aging in any part of their lives and certainly never look at their bodies with love.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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