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Left Wrist

A long time ago — when I was newly single, I got a tattoo.

I chose a word. A word that epitimized the way I wanted to live my life from that point forward.

It was so important to me — I had it permanently put on my skin. Forever. So I would remember. “THIS — THIS is what you need, Real Ann, to live. To survive. To thrive.” I heard The Universe speak it so clearly to me — She damn near shouted it into my brain.

I need to exhale completely. I need to speak my truth. I need to do what I want, when I want. I need to go where I want, when I want. I can not argue, debate, or negotiate my life.

I will not explain who I am or why I think or feel the things I do.

I simply need to be.

I don’t seek to be loved or hated. I know instinctively some people will find me too much to bear because I no longer hold my tongue and dull my life. I no longer contort myself to fit into other people’s boxes or live their dreams.

I have my own vision and my own dreams.

Walking this path is the only way I can live these days. I have come to love the life I built — unrestrained and unburdened by the status quo.

I have tried to have relationships, but I simply can’t do it. There is a restlessness that bristles in the confines of ‘coupleness’. I am better, happier, more at peace — on my own.

I wrote a piece a while back and it still rings true.

I can live without romance, but I can not live without my freedom.


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Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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