My first reaction to this was The Universe did this kid and her family a huge favor by getting her out of that environment regards of her sexuality. Because those people are fucked up. Secondly — it’s one of those private institutions parents send their kids to where they can basically hook them up to car batteries and as long as they don’t kill the kids and the parents don’t complain — no harm, no foul.

So this is on the parents as well. They should have pulled her out of there the moment this ‘counseling’ crap started. If you really want to protect your kid’s psyche — you don’t send them in to face The Lions alone. Every day. And pay handsomely for the privilege.

I sent my kids to public school and made it clear — when they got home school rules did not apply. I was not going to be held to Ms. so & so’s regulations. In fact — if Ms. so & so gave them a hard time — she would be answering to Momma. Because I pay HER salary. I was always on their side.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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