My advice — hold on tight to that alone time. ;) If you’re not alone — it’s not really alone time — then is it? People who enter into ‘relationships’ don’t get that part. Next thing you know — they’ve taken over your life and you’re suffocating. Trust me on this one. I am never going to be made to feel like I’m kicking a puppy just because I want some time to myself.

At my age — it’s the cost of love that is off putting. How much of being me do I have to give up to someone if they love me? I once had a guy tell me he didn’t want me riding my bike anymore. I broke up with him in less than 24 hours after he made that statement. Because people get propietary.

Yeah.. no thanks. I’m good.

Good luck with dating. May The Force be with you!

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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