My Daughter’s Side Hustle

Photo by Terre di Cannabis on Unsplash

My older daughter is an accomplished artist. She has a Master’s degree. She has taught art at the college level. She has a successful studio. She is currently moving to bigger digs. She even has employees in said studio.

But back when things were a bit leaner, she took on a part-time gig that has to be The Most Interesting Job In The World.

My daughter works in a grow house. That’s right — she grows pot. Legally. Sterilely. Scientifically. And she’s a rock star at it!

She’s so good at interfacing with the baby plants, once when she was out of town at a conference, her boss told her:

“The plants missed you. You can never leave town for that long ever again.”

Apparently, even the classical music they pipe into the nursery rooms failed to cheer them. They wanted their mommy. They wanted my daughter:

The Mother Of Weed.

As this grow house has expanded, my daughter has also moved up their corporate ladder. The fact that the plants love her so much surely has helped in this respect. She is now Mother Of All Their Weed, not just the nursery rooms.

It makes me happy to know she has found her inner Garden Witch. For the longest time, even a spider plant in her care would give up the ghost and transition ASAP. But not pot. Pot LOVES my kid.

And so you know — Pot does not love every person who works there. She is unique, gifted, in-tune with her darlings. They catch her vibe and reward her with just the proper amount of growth and lushness, but not so much as to be rogue.

The farming gene runs deep in our DNA. My father’s family is full of Humans who worked the land. And there are very few plants that I can’t grow. In NY my vegetable garden was nearly half an acre — bountiful and beautiful. My green thumb extends to my elbows — bilaterally.

I am beyond pleased to watch my daughter connect with a piece of her ancestry and explore her gifts.

Although, I’m pretty sure my forefathers (and mothers) would be completely shocked to learn the inner knowing of their DNA was now being used to grow weed. And grow it well.

Which makes this an even better story.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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