We don’t even need a crystal ball

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The Magik of Mothers is potent and powerful. J.K. Rowlings knew it was strong enough to save Harry Potter from the Avada Kedavra curse. Those of us who have prayed/cast spells of protection upon our children certainly understand exactly how that is possible.

Mothers’ Magik is Deep Magik. Allow me to explain.

First, there are The Spells. Every Mother says them:

Be safe. Sweet dreams. Have a good day!

They grow as the children grow:

Drive safe. Good luck at your game! You got this.

Usually sealed with a kiss and an “I love you” thrown in either out loud or silently murmured to a retreating back. Spells of protection walk with our children where ever they go. For as long as they go.

We are all familiar with The Sixth Sense. This lets Mothers everywhere know all the tells. We can see a lie about to form before a word is even uttered. We know exactly where every ‘lost’ item has been left. We know who started what — we just don’t care. We can tell what is going on in the room even when our back is turned.

Mother Magik is the greatest of all healers. Emotional, spiritual, physical — no one can heal like Mothers. We will fight with Azrael Herself to ground our child on this side of the veil. From skinned knees to broken hearts and more — Mothers and our gift to soothe heal All. The. Humans.

Every Human on Earth came to be because a Mother used Mother Magik to create them. Not all Mothers are birth Mothers, of course. And some Mothers are actually Fathers.

It’s not about if you carried the child within you and birthed it. It’s about tapping into the source of all Mothers’ creative power — Gaia Herself. Mother Earth. We are all capable of wielding Mother Magik.

We are all capable of loving unconditionally — of blessing and protecting the weakest most vulnerable among us.

We are all capable of noticing the lies, the lost, the injustices — without being dragged into the fray.

We are all capable of healing — ourselves, each other, and The Earth emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

The Magik is there. And it’s here — inside of every single one of us. Just waiting for us to tap into it.

Expecto Patronum!

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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