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How hard it is to sit with what we already have? Can you look back and remember a time when you dreamed of living The Life you have right at this moment? Having All. The. Things you do this very second in your Now?

You’re here. There. Made it. Goals met. Dreams accomplished.

But wait.

More. There must be More.

Realign the priorities — upgrade the stuff — add bigger, brighter, shiner aspirations. Don’t settle for yesterday’s desires.

More. There must be More.

In all your Relationships with everyone and everything. Financially. Personally. Physically. Spiritually.

More. There must be More.

Joy sinks into apathy and then further into jealousy as the focus remains outward centered. Eye on the prize — the one The Jones’ next door just got is especially magical. If only…

Human nature seems to be wired this way. And on many levels, this innate ability and desire to reach for the stars has brought many wonderful advancements in science and beauty in the arts. But as with every source of energy in our world — there is a yin/yang element. We need to keep a balance.

The antidote to More is Gratitude. Open heart. Open hands.

We can live our lives in scarcity — feeling as though we are scraping by and never having ‘enough’ because our home didn’t come with a three-car garage. Or we can choose to know we live in abundance and remember a time when we qualified for food stamps.

We can long for a perfect mate to complete us — feeling alone in the company of our coupled friends. Or we can choose to remember the freedom we have to build a relationship with ourselves in peace. The gift of being able to place self-care at the top of our priority list.

We can fight and rail against The Vessel — punishing our bodies for existing imperfectly and aging. Or we can be grateful for all the places our bodies have taken us in our lives — bearing our children, carrying our loads, giving us pleasure, tasting Life on all levels.

We can hate — sorting everyone out as “Other”. Or we can remember The Grace — The Voice in our hearts which lives in Our Soul. She speaks to us in whispers and reminds us — “There but for The Grace — go I.”

Abundance. Freedom. Gratitude. Grace.

Life is an echo. If you want More — give More.


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Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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