Missing You In All The Good Ways

Longing need not be suffering

I see the words on the screen and as I read them, I hear your voice pronounce them in my head.

Your laughter lifts me and carries me up and over the waves of uncertainty and chaos of These Days.

My senses fill in the gaps of space, time, distance imposed upon us since The Plague came calling.

I feel peace settle into my bones just knowing you exist.

You are there — yet here. Always here. A connection remains past the physical plane. It matters not where we are — you are you. I am me. We are Us.

We hardly speak of Love anymore — through and in and wrapped around us. Secure and part of us. A settled issue. Friendship, kindness, respect, caring — love is only one piece of the recipe that is Us.

Time will pass as it always does and we will stand in each other’s company once again. Some very excellent scotch on hand to toast the fates which led us to each other so long ago.

After, as I inhale your scent and hold you close, I will smile in contentment and count my blessings yet again — remembering all the moments I have missed you in all the good ways.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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