Misfiling — Misfiring

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Growing older ain’t for sissies. That’s for damn sure.

It seems as I grow older, wiser, more able to make Peace with who I am — The Universe has more surprises in store.

Change is the constant in Life. I nearly laugh out loud as I remember this.

Just when I thought I was getting My Shit together — right? I can feel myself dropping a bit of it here or there.

The funniest part? I don’t really CARE. In days gone by — I would have cared. I’d have beaten myself up and been really annoyed. There would have been angst and drama and self-recriminations. All. The. Things.

Now — well — now — fuck it. I’m nearly 60 years old. I’ve earned a mistake or two in that many decades.

At the end of the day — No One Died.

That is The Rule in nursing. It should be our Rule For Life too. Our Litmus test to measure our Fuck-Ups. Did anyone die? No? Ok then — you’re good.

These days I’ve started hitting The Easy Button a lot sooner than I ever thought I would.

I am letting The River Of My Life flow. I am no longer fighting its current. I’m Letting It All Go. Being kind to myself. Whatever happens — happens. Etc…

I could go on — the list of metaphors for this phenomenon is endless.

Because it is so fucking important. The English language puts it about 10,000 different ways so we — The Humans — can get it through our thick skulls.

But the bottom line is this: It’s about forgiving myself for all the stuff I didn’t think I got right. And realizing no one noticed except me.

If you stop and look at it — hard — you will realize this truth. Your Inner Critic is the only one keeping score of all the times you didn’t get something Just So. All the times your intentions didn’t match your actions. All the times you couldn’t find a something in your brain so you punted. All the times you forgot a something (event, meeting, birthday, anniversary, turning off the coffee maker — just pick a thing).

I have the perfect come back for your Inner voices. And I use it all the time to make mine shut the fuck up. Especially as ‘we’ get older — my Inner Critic and I. I love it most because there is simply no comeback. And it makes The Universe giggle.

I’m learning. Life is about learning the content. Not about passing the final.


The Comeback by Chow — Enjoy

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Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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