Mind not completely blown. :) I suppose my naivety is assuming that in a non-heterosexual relation there would be more freedom of expression that would require a deeper level of communication. Even lacking trust — there would still need to be a negotiation of sorts. But it makes sense to pause and realize — everyone needs to learn how to give and receive pleasure. Everyone. To themselves and their partners. Regardless of tops or bottoms.

And many people come to that place late in the game for a lot of reasons.

The heterosexual side of porn isn’t any better. Anal sex ALWAYS = orgasm for everyone involved. Women too. Isn’t that great? Who writes this shit?

For an old straight chick — I hang out with a fair number of gay and lesbian friends. I think I’m their token straight person. Actually — I’m everyone’s token single friend. They are all trying to find me a someone — anyone — anywhere. Bless them.

But back to the point — the couples who are my friends are long term committed people. Several are married. The love, affection, and respect they show each other seeps through and leaks out all over the rest of us in their presence.

My friends spoil me and distort my view. It’s like I hang out with the Waltons of the gay community. :) So please forgive me for my bias.

And thank you for broadening my view. It is always so awesome to talk with you.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned