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Photo by Tom Kulczycki on Unsplash — Hagrid’s Cottage

My BFF told me a most profound truth this week.

“Honey, if The Universe has decided it’s meant to be — there’s no stopping it from happening.”

And just like that — My Life got a whole fucking less stressful.

We pretend Life depends on us. We live as if every single thing hinges on our actions. We forget about all the variables which are not in our control.

Because we forget control is an illusion. It is the bedtime story we tell ourselves so we can sleep at night.

We can move through our day to day and make decisions, plans, create and do. But how relevant are our actions and deeds, our thoughts and dreams in the flow of Our Lives?

It’s always the Twist of Fate, the Unexpected Outcome, the Serendipitous Moment, the Crash and Burn — The Thing which was never figured into your formula — the secret ingredient in Life’s recipe — this is what will prove to be the deciding factor.

The Meant To Be.

If we fight The Meant To Be — become attached to an outcome — cling and clutch at what needs to go — resist what needs to come — we only set Our Lives up for misery and struggle.

So much better to live with an open heart and open hands allowing Life to flow through us — knowing this was Our Path. Our Journey. And we were never walking it alone.


“What’s comin’ will come, an’ we’ll meet it when it does.”― J.K. Rowling (Hagrid)

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Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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