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I noticed something the other day about married men. I found it really comical actually. And I’m trying to figure out a couple things about this quirk, maybe some other single women out there can help me out here. Share your experiences in the comments.

Why is it that married men always ‘announce’ that they are married?

You can make bank on it.

I supposed married women do this too. I can’t be sure because, of course, married women would never see me as a potential romantic partner and a threat to their marital status.

Here’s how it goes down:

I meet a man socially or even professionally and we engage in a random conversation about “anything-you-pick-a-topic” from motorcycles to politics to religion to the weather. And I wait for it. Bam! There it is — the off handed comment regarding their wife’s opinion on whatever we had just been talking about. Thrown in there just so I know there is a “Mrs.” out there in the world.

So many times I just want to say out loud — “Dude, talking about the weather is NOT hitting on you”. Or even, “Dude — I was married for 32 years — you can actually have your OWN opinions — no really.” Or lastly, “Dude — I wouldn’t consider having sex with you if you were the last man on earth and the survival of the species depended on it — so that’s great you have a wife willing to do that.”

But I don’t. Because I am inherently a kind person — but also confused by this tactic.

I’m pretty sure men don’t announce to each other in conversations what their wife’s opinion on the weather might be…or do they? That just occurred to me. Perhaps it’s just marital programming. Something to do with the pair bonding.

I have found there is one sure fire way to let any and every woman one might encounter know you are married. And you don’t even have to open your mouth to say a word.

Wear your wedding band.

It really is that simple. That’s kind of what they’re meant for. The outward sign of an inward commitment. But I digress.

Contrary to popular belief — not every single woman is looking to get laid, or to collect a subsequent spouse. Some of us just enjoy passing time in casual conversation with whomever we happen to encounter in our day to day existence.

I don’t need to be warned off — as though I am a predator to a happy marriage. In truth — the very last thing I’m looking for is a man of any status to engage in a relationship with. I’m a complete person all on my own, thank you very much.

It happens. No. Really. Women exist as single humans, whole in our own being. Spiritually fulfilled and emotionally grounded without the addition of the male of the species. Hard to believe, I know.

But in fact, it kinda rocks.


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