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As I sit here this morning pondering which beads to wear and which to leave at home — I am struck by the realization — Spring has come again to My Life.

Mardi Gras. Fat Tuesday. Lent begins tomorrow and the count down to Easter and Ostara (spring equinox) is upon us.

Already trees bloom — some have dropped their blossoms and are settling in with lovely green plumage preparing to shade All The Creatures who will seek refuge from our blistering summer heat.

My bird feeder is getting a bit less business. By this time next month, I’ll have put out the hummingbird feeder to catch the migrants heading north. My evening dog fights will be THE Events.

And...of course, next weekend we Spring Ahead. Who can ever forget how much fun that exercise is? Insert Eye Roll emoji here.

But Mardi Gras is THE celebration of survival. It is One Big Ass Party to both celebrate the surviving of winter and a day of blow-out before the seriousness of Lent and self-contemplation/deprivation begins in earnest.

I find it incredibly ironic that such austerity is preceded by such outrageousness.

But as I have written here before — The Universe will only tolerate Balance.

And Lent is forty days of self-conflagration for many people of the world. She just couldn’t let that stand without a day devoted to Joy, The Celebration of Living Out Loud, and yes- Women Flashing Their Life-Giving Breasts at the whole world. AND BEING REWARDED FOR IT!

I just love that last part. Because for once — it’s not about sex or because you’re the milk truck. It’s simply because The Universe made you female. Congratulations — have some beads!

Don’t get me wrong — having or not having breasts isn’t the only thing in the toolbox which ‘makes a woman’ a woman. Not by a long shot. We are incredibly Complex Beings. Just ask any poor man who has attempted dating. Most of them have no idea why their wife/girlfriend picked them. They are just relieved Their Particular Goddess deemed them worthy.

Today — feel free to celebrate Life. — All. Of. Life. Wear your beads if you got them — as long as you don’t get fired. That would be bad and I don’t care to hear from anyone’s HR department over my post. But seriously, We survived another winter together! The Life Givers still have breasts! Tomorrow we will deep dive into Our Souls and hope to come out in forty days better Humans!

May you find Joy today! The kind of Joy which comes with completely letting go! The kind of Joy which comes with exposing All Of You! The kind of Joy where you know you are Loved. Mar

No matter how today goes — The Universe Loved us enough to give us Mardi Gras.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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