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I was driving to my massage and I began thinking about her. The Other Mother to my kids. She was in massage school and I hadn’t heard from her in a long time.

I knew she was doing ok — we stalk each other on FB all the time and I had just seen photos of one of her get-togethers and she looked fab. But it had been too long since I had heard her voice.

I went in for my massage. It was an unusually blissed out session. I emerged completely relaxed and totally grateful for All. The. Things.

When I picked up my phone — I saw it. The missed call and voice mail from her. I smiled. Because this is how it works.

Make A Wish.

In The Flow — with Love and Gratitude in your heart. Not with angst, or anger, or fear. The Universe knows when you’re moving with Her. Touching Your Life with a gentle hand on the rudder — allowing what needs to go — to go and leaving space for what needs to come — to come.

Whether it’s looking for a parking space or thinking of a dear friend with longing. The Magic is there for the asking. Just tap into it.

With My Friend — there is never any angst over the long patches of distance which we sometimes suffer. We have lived apart from each other geographically — yet there is a tie that binds us — heart to heart. We will always be there for each other. A simple text or phone call is all it takes to reboot a friendship which has spanned nearly forty years.

Or apparently — sometimes all it takes is A Wish.

The greatest treasure in My Life is the people The Universe has blessed me with. I have such completely lovely friends and an amazing family.

Everything else is a bonus. Just stuff. The Humans in My Life are The Blessing beyond words. There are moments I am simply overcome with gratitude for their Love, Friendship, and Support.

May you find Your People. May you have at least one or two you can call in the middle of the night for bail money. May you have at least one or two you can cry with and still be thought a warrior. May you have good friends and may you be a good friend. May you feel The Magic when you Make A Wish.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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