Magical Creatures Lessons: #12

Keep moving!

Ann Litts
3 min readOct 3, 2021


Photo by Connor Coyne on Unsplash

We all know kids are always in motion. They have boundless energy and just trying to keep up with a toddler will leave any adult collapsing in exhaustion at the end of the day.

As we all get older — we slow down. Even The Magical Creatures enjoy their veg time in front of Disney+ or playing a game on their tablets. But as we see more and more of the younger generation getting pulled into virtual entertainments, we notice the effect that too much of a good thing is a bad thing.

During the isolation of These Days, so many of us found ourselves living our lives through our screens. Work and meetings and All. The. Things went remote. We watched movies, we attended concerts, we had conversations — all virtually. But most important — while sitting on our asses.

The Magical Creatures got involved in various community sports this spring when their world opened up a tiny bit. Soccer, lacrosse, and swimming got their young bodies moving. They felt better. They slept better. They ate better. Their stress over “The Glitter” (AKA COVID) relented a bit as they interacted with new friends and focused on the physical — in the here and now. Since they returned to brick-and-mortar school this year, they have resumed a schedule that includes lots of physical activities and much less screen time.

Soccer and swim were found to be favorite activities and returned in the fall. Lacrosse has been replaced by basketball as each of The Magical Creatures finds their favorites. They are exploring what their bodies are capable of and learning vital skills along the way. Stuff like how to make friends, how to be a team player, how to win with grace, and lose with dignity.

They have returned to Reality. And are loving every minute of it.

When I worked remotely at the end of my career as a nurse, I found that taking a walk every morning before I sat down in my office made each day go by with less angst. I had more patience with my patients. I was better able to organize my thoughts and my schedule. I felt more at peace with my circumstances.

In retirement, I have time. Loads of time to devote to self-care. And high up on that list is movement. I have a daily yoga practice. I still walk nearly every day- weather permitting. I added riding my bicycle to the mix to break it up a bit and occassionaly swim at my local community center.

I also dance around my living room as often as I can.

This article from USAToday tells us that hitting 7000 steps a day can dramatically increase our longevity. Movement is the key to a longer, healthier Life.

You heard it here first. Now turn off your screen. Get up off your ass. And MOVE!




Ann Litts

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned