Magical Creature Lessons #1

Perfect is the enemy of good

Photo by pan xiaozhen on Unsplash

It was Puzzle Day. The smallest Magical Creature and I sat on the living room floor for a couple of hours. Sunshine streaming in from the windows. And we put together her puzzles. All. Her. Puzzles.

And only about three of them had all the pieces.

So — we went through the bucket of spare pieces and we put together more partial puzzles. We only found one wayward piece to fit into one of the MIA puzzle-piece-spots.

But we had a lot of fun. And we talked about Her Life. She’s five and her wisdom is vast. She is so much more in touch with what is Real and what is just ego — it’s astounding.

If you want to reset your priorities — ask a pre-schooler about Life.

The lesson today was simple. Hardly any of the puzzles were whole. But that didn’t matter. It was the doing of the thing — the time spent together — the journey we took this morning that was the most important thing.

Nearly none of the puzzles were perfect — but that didn’t stop us from having a good time. If we had only put together the puzzles that were perfect, it would not have been nearly as much fun.


Addendum: Since I retired, I have come to visit with my daughter and her family for an indefinite period of time. Hanging out with The Magical Creatures who happen to be my granddaughters beats the hell out of working for a living. Stay tuned for more wisdom — courtesy of The Magical Creatures

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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