Magical Creature Lessons #5

Growth is inevitable

My oldest granddaughter is closing in fast on the five-foot mark. Soon she’ll be taller than I am. According to her pediatrician’s growth charts — she is also destined to be taller than her 5'9" mother. She is growing.

My middle granddaughter is learning Spanish in her virtual classroom. My daughter tells me she is devouring lesson after lesson. Her mind is expanding, her synapses are integrating the new language into their data banks. She is growing.

My youngest granddaughter is quickly losing the quirks in her speech which always identified her as The Baby. She is wrapping her tongue around big-girl-sounds and moving toward adult speech patterns. She is growing.

One of my very favorite features on FB is their memory tab. Each morning I review past posts. Mostly I find old photos of The Magical Creatures in all their various ages and stages. I always share them with their aunt and their mom.

Can I remember the first time I held each of them? Can I recall their sweet baby scent as I nuzzled them close? Can I remember cheering for their developmental milestones— rolling over, sitting up, crawling, walking?

Yes. Yes, I can and it seems like those things happened just yesterday.

Now I am cheering training wheels coming off of bicycles, soccer footwork, and skateboard tricks. The youngest Magical Creature started kindergarten this year adding classroom achievements.

Looking at them in the present moment, I realize the next ten years will go by just as quickly. Before I’m ready, they will be sharing first dates, driving lessons, and college plans.

Because growth is inevitable.


“For the young, the days go fast and the years go slow; for the old, the days go slow and the years go fast.” — Anna Quindlen

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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