Magical Creature Lessons #3

Use all the colors. Make your own art. Don’t forget the Magic.

I love to color. I always have. Last week gave me many opportunities to sit and color with every single one of The Magical Creatures. As with All. The. Things Magical — any activity leads to deeper wisdom.

I was quizzed by the Wise Soul currently residing in the body of a five-year-old — The Youngest Magical Creature. She needed to know my favorite color. And next favorite…until we had placed each color in its appropriate order. I was surprised to realize I had ordered them in a rainbow — starting with purple — of course. Lucky for me — this is The Magical Creature’s favorite as well. She approved of my selections. And tactfully mentioned — I had forgotten black and white.

Perhaps it’s because nothing in my world is seen as black and white? She reminded me to use All. The. Colors. in My Life. And sometimes there is even a place for black. Or white. Or both.

The Oldest Magical Creature has the makings of an artist and prefers to draw her own sketches and then color them. Nothing in a coloring book is as alive and real to her as what her own hand and imagination can produce. Landscapes, moonscapes, stars, even some abstract designs just for fun. They all exist side by side in her marvelous inner world.

She reminded me gently — that we all have the gift of our inner visions. Those visions don’t have to be cookie-cutter replicas of anyone else’s. We don’t have to be afraid of exploring that world. Our Own Personal Wonderlands.

The Middle Magical Creature is all about the flash! She is a born entertainer and loves pizazz! When I colored with her, she brought out her glitter. Glitter makers. Glitter crayons. Glitter paints. Everything she colored sparkled with a bit of Magik.

Her Magik. Unique and glowing. She showed me how to let My Magik shine out into the world. Fearlessly.

I think the greatest gift in My Life is sitting in the presence of my granddaughters. They kindly teach me every time we are together all the most important things about being alive. The most important things in Life will always be about our inner landscape — it will never be about Things. It will always be about the Love, the Joy, the Magik we hold in our hearts.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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