Magical Creature Lessons #2

Stop forcing. Start flowing.

Jigsaw puzzles are a huge part of Life around The Magical Creatures. And, I have found, have many major lessons to teach us. I strongly urge everyone out there to find a jigsaw puzzle and then proceed to put it together with the under twelve crowd.

We just finished a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle as a family hours before the dining room table would be required for Thanksgiving dinner. Every member spent time with said puzzle.

When I sat with any of my granddaughters and worked on the puzzle with them — one lesson became apparent:

Many of the pieces I thought fit together did not.

I forced pieces into place because I thought they belonged there. My granddaughters — with their open minds — saw the subtle differences and were able to remove what didn’t fit to find the correct placement of the piece. They were not working from a preconceived notion of what the thing was supposed to look like. They were able to look at that tiny bite — that moment in time — as an observer not invested in the outcome — and remove what didn’t work. Which, of course, then allowed what did work to flow into place.

How often do we try to work around pieces that simply don’t fit?

How often do we stubbornly attempt to make the jigsaw puzzle of our lives conform to our vision? Our expectations?

How often do we lose focus on the big picture because our ego won’t allow us to let go of what isn’t working?

How often are we more concerned with reaching the goal than enjoying the process? Mislaid pieces and all?

As I look at our finished puzzle — safely transferred to a different table — part of me is a bit sad that it’s all put together. The challenge met, accepted, and accomplished. Reaching The Goal isn’t nearly as satisfying as being on the journey. From my perspective, there is only one way to find closure for this feeling.

It’s time to start another puzzle!


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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