This week we will officially tip into longer nights and shorter days. Mabon is passing us through another doorway to winter.

On the day of the autumn equinox — we stand precariously in balance. Our light and our darkness equal partners. Then with the passing of a few hours — we dip ever so slightly into darkness. We do the opposite dance in March with the spring equinox and Ostara.

We have seen the signs for a few weeks now. Gaia and all Her creatures feel the shift as She tips away from the sun. She sends Her precious geese and hummingbirds south. Her trees take one last brilliant and spectacular bow before shedding their leaves to sleep through the dark days of winter.

For those of us who follow Mother Earth’s calendar — Mabon is a celebration of balance and gratitude. We honor Gaia for the harvest She has brought us as we steady ourselves and prepare to face our own dark days of winter.

The misconception many Humans hold is that the darkness is less desirable than the light. We have been fine-tuned by a society that regards doing with more honor than being. The equinox festivals remind us this is not true. For mental, physical, and spiritual health reasons — we are called to Be.

Be in our darkness. Walk softly with our shadows. Reaquaint ourselves with rest. Listen to our inner knowing. Examine and be thankful for what our life has harvested. Release what needs to go. Remove ourselves from unhospitable places. Return home.

For many Humans, recent events make it difficult to find space for gratitude and peace. The overculture wants us to swing wildly — it feeds on our frenzy. Mabon reminds us to be still — to allow time to march on — to look inside ourselves for peace when we cannot find it outside. We are asked to stand in balance — both our light and our darkness. Even when events are beyond our control. Most especially then.

Mabon also promises we will survive through the winter of our days with rest and self-care. The Wheel will continue to turn — for the greatest truth in Life is that everything changes.

Summer doesn’t last forever, but then, neither does winter.


“Nature is about to show us how beautiful it is to let go.” — Random FB meme- author unknown

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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