Mission Impossible

I don’t defend myself or my beliefs to anyone. Because free will is a real thing and if you think I’m full of shit — so be it.

Keep scrolling.

I’m your basic left-leaning-feminazi-libtard-snowflake-yogi-witch.

So both sides of the political fence detest me.

But if you’re reading this — it’s because The Universe brought you here to read my missive. Don’t fuck it up by assuming you have high moral ground to stand on.

You don’t.

NONE of us do.

Which is my point.

Love is unconditional. You want to have a good life — be a good Human. You have to learn how to put Love out into The World. And — here’s the part everyone hates — there are no ‘buts’ about it.

Because like it or not — we are all the same. The libtards and the christians. The left and the right. Humans. Yet, we can somehow arrange our brains to where whoever we don’t agree with is ‘other’. Evil even.

And that is the entire root of the problem. There. Are. No. Others.

Say it with me one more time — for the Humans in the back — There. Are. No. Others.

As much as I am horrified at the way this country has behaved under the current administration — the man at the helm of the ship is still a Human. A Being. Worthy of compassion, care, Love even.

Because here’s the part so often lost in debates these days — you can put out Love without agreeing with the Human you are dealing with. You can send out waves of peace and health without insisting on any sort of quid pro quo arrangement.

Not only because it’s good for them — but because it’s good for you. And the most important point here — it’s good for the larger community.

Hate is a virus as contagious as COVID and it’s running through this country just as out of control as the wildfires on the west coast. You don’t put out that kind of blaze by continually adding more fuel to the fire.

How about we try this? Instead of running around hating each other — and anyone who refuses to hate right along with you — just say “No”.

A very calm and a very firm, “No.”

No, I will not be part of the populace who would re-elect this administration. So MY action will be that I will work for voter turnout and vote my conscience without allowing the negativity of hate into My Life.

No, I will not stand by while a right-leaning Supreme court takes away women’s healthcare rights. I will work toward constitutional amendments that make sure this is no longer a gray area without allowing the negativity of hate into My Life.

No, I will not participate in name-calling or character assassination of any Humans. We are all responsible for our own character and moral compass. I will keep working hard at generating positive energy and metta for ALL. THE. BEINGS. without allowing the negativity of hate into My Life.

No, I will not engage in useless dialog on any social media format — including my blog — with The Righteous of either flavor. And I will do it without allowing the negativity of hate into My Life.

No, I will not grasp at relationships with any Human which is dependent on me abandoning myself and my beliefs to go to war with/for them. I will remember that control is a bedtime story Humans tell themselves to be able to sleep at night. And Crusaders tend to ignore all the variables in every situation which proves this truth. This can also be accomplished without allowing the negativity of hate into My Life.


See how this works?

Humans tend to confuse kindness with weakness. Nothing is further from the truth. It’s a whole lot easier to just say, “Yes” to hate and allow yourself to be swept along the current of whichever raging river of negativity you embrace.

Saying “No” and guarding your vibration against those who would rob you of your inner peace takes a warrior’s spirit. Acknowledging that you don’t have all the answers and never were in control takes faith and trust in a force other than your own actions.

Taking off your armor and putting down your sword to allow the entire experience of Your Life wash to over you will be the journey of your lifetime.

Finally recognizing there is no such thing as ‘other’ is what will ultimately put out the fire of hate. Your’s and anyone else’s you happen to encounter.

Integrating All Beings into our compassion without using qualifiers for their behavior, their politics, their morals, their race, their religion, their gender, or their species is the whole point of our existence.

I don’t argue it’s nearly an impossible mission. I simply encourage you to try it out and see how much lighter Life becomes without all the baggage hate insists on packing.


“An eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind.” — M.K. Gandi

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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