Love isn’t that you let someone get away with being an asshole either. Ask any mother. :) Tough love is a real thing. There is a path to lead with Love and inclusion that teaches All Humans that we are One. ALL BEINGS are ONE. It is not tolerable for there to be injustice or harm done to any in our world. There must be freedom for all beings. Peace for all beings. Love for all beings. Health for all beings. Safety for all beings. As our goal.

Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Dr. King — and so many more -prophets taught us Love is what will save us in the end.

Do I understand why some Humans are so brutal to each other? No. Do I see patterns in the fabric of all of Human history that this is endemic to our species? Yes.

And it makes me very sad that in all these generations and all these thousands of years — Humanity still hasn’t figured it out.

Perhaps this time? Let us hope and pray ❤

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned