Love is love is love. I think perhaps the least strong ‘bond’ of all the ‘loves’ is romantic love which unites a mating pair. The love between two Humans who have gone beyond this and connected on a different level can be a much deeper and completely out-live the ‘mating’ bond.

I understand how you can deeply love a person you aren’t ‘with’. The shared history — the family you are raising — nothing can untie those bonds.

The fact that your present boyfriend is not jealous of this connections speaks well of his character and self-esteem. Many Humans can’t stay with someone unless they are THE REALTIONSHIP. The fact he sees you as a complex Human with many connections to all Your Humans is such a blessing.

And the fact that your husband remembers and is thankfully for your survival means much as well. I am sure your strength helped him find his way out of his forest too.

You, My Dear, are a remarkable woman. Living a completely remarkable life. Let no one tell you other wise. ❤ I am grateful beyond words to call you Friend.

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned