Love Is Always Loving Us

Leaning into Love

The hardest thing about Love, I believe, is the part where we are instructed to find ourselves lovable.

Easier said than done by most of us.

Yet, how exactly can you truly love someone else if you don’t believe yourself worthy of love? How can you extend love and caring to the rest of your community if you cannot extend it to your own person? How can you receive love from another if you cannot receive it from yourself?

It’s easy to resist love. We know what’s going on inside our heads — our true thoughts, motives, agendas. We know all our dark and dusty corners where our shadows hide and plot. We know what masks we wear and why we wear them.

Of course, we are not worthy of love — look at the mess we are!

But Love doesn’t care. The deepest sort of Love already knows about our internal shit show and Just. Doesn’t. Care.

It took me decades to open my heart to Love. Literally. But once I did — so many other beautiful things followed in its wake.

Forgiveness. Peace. Joy. Healing.

Don’t misunderstand me — it’s a long process. To love oneself. To even ‘see’ oneself. Because some of those masks we wear are to help hide us from our own truths not just from the gaze of other Humans.

Loving oneself takes courage and humility. It often involves falling to your knees literally and figuratively in surrender to Life. It takes faith — not in some God or Goddess who lives externally from your existence. It takes the kind of faith which believes in the Love that lives inside of our being.

As you look at your life — look for the times Love has arrived. The serendipitous moments, the grace of blessings uncounted, the gifts unopened, the comfort of Humans reaching out to you. Understand that all the while you have been resisting Love — finding reasons NOT to love yourself — Love was still there.

Always there. Loving you. And always will.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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