LOL — so much truth!!!

I gave up cable years ago! I still have FB to keep up with far way friends & family — but my timeline is all warm fuzzy stuff and I keep it that way. Let me know if you ever need a kitten video to magically transform your day! I’m your girl!

Thanks to my nursing career — my humor has many hues… ;) But since leaving the OR it has lightened up considerably!

This piece came to me as I sat in bed with my youngest granddaughter who turned 4 at the beach this week. We were doing a ‘life review’ of all the photos I had of her on my computer. When we got to the ones where her parents had recorded her baby self laughing — we were both mesmerized and replayed them over & over.

I wished I could just pour that feeling out over all of the world.

Thanks so much for reading & responding Mark — you know how I love to chat! ❤

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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