Living With Uncomfortable

A Prickly Subject

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I was having a chat with my daughter on the phone the other night. We managed to sort out most of the world’s problems and cruised back around to what we both felt was the crux of the matter.

Humans really, really dislike being Uncomfortable.

Think about it — being uncomfortable with their circumstances causes more Humans to act out, lash out, react, retreat, abandon, and hide from Their Now than any other feeling.

The big, hard feelings grief to love — don’t leave you any wiggle room. You have two choices — denial or acceptance. But being uncomfortable with something — someone is a much more chronic, painfully irritating, long-term affliction.

If you look at the places we get stuck — we’re there because it’s uncomfortable to grow — change — transform. We feel we are much better off with The Devil We Know.

If you look at the places we react — we’re there because we have been pushed into an uncomfortable place. So many times — even if we walk away — our discomfort will follow us and DEMAND action on our part.

If you look at the reasons we leave — abandon each other — we’re walking away because our discomfort at staying and working on a class/job/relationship is too great. Better to throw The Baby out with the bathwater and start all over.

Even accepting help from professionals, family, or friends for our discomfort can make us even more uncomfortable. The Maverick Archetype rules this land.

In My Life — my anxiety kicked up at any sign of discomfort. Emotional, spiritual, or physical. Over the decades, it has led me to unwise actions, harsh words, and hurt feelings — just because I felt like feeling ANYTHING else would be better than sitting shiva with The Uncomfortable.

Even outright pain.

Learning to let The Uncomfortable just be is an incredibly difficult lesson. It’s easy to convince yourself that your intuition is speaking to you, urging you forward — fuck the consequences.

But it’s not.

Your true inner knowing will invite The Uncomfortable to tea. Spend time with it, converse with it civilly, ask it about its origin, its purpose. Pay attention to the places in your life and in your soul it is pointing to.

LEARN from it. RECOGNIZE it. LIVE with it.

And finally, embrace it.


“Do one thing every day that scares you. Those small things that make us uncomfortable help us build courage to do the work we do.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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