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It’s ok — we all do it. We take everything for granted. Every. Single. Thing.

We go to bed knowing we will get up in the morning and have another day — just like today.

We know work will be work — up until the moment we might decide to change our life course or retire — but it will be on our terms even then.

We will have meatloaf on Wednesdays and date night on Fridays.

We go from Point A to Point B and not even realize how we got there. We just arrived.

We eat — we digest. Our hearts beat — we animate. We breathe — we live.

Until we don’t.

I recently read a Medium post where the author had been given a clean bill of health after a CT scan showed he didn’t have the suspected tumor/life changing/potentially terminal diagnosis. “The Just Kidding This Time, But Wake Your Ass Up” Wake Up Call — The Universe sends out to us every now and again to remind us of a couple of things.

We will fully realize the power of words. Words spoken to us of what our future might hold IF this test comes back positive or negative. Our Life hangs in the balance on just two eight-letter words — perhaps spoken by a Human we have never even met before. Do we wound or heal with our words?

Life is precious. We are given opportunities every day to reach out with our best selves and enhance what we ourselves and others experience in the here and now. Are we taking them? Or are we letting them pass us by? Or worse are we pushing them away? Are we driving Joy and Love out of Our Lives?

Time is irrelevant. No one knows how much time we have ‘left’. We all assume we will live to collect Social Security — in fact, we are actively betting with the Federal Government and our life insurance companies we WILL live past a certain age. But in truth, this knowledge is not available to us.

We inherently understand on a cellular level those we love are The Single Most Important Thing In Our Lives. Yet, under the guise of busyness, or working to provide for them — or any other mindless excuse — we neglect these important relationships. The very thing we are here for. To Love.

This week I have been mindfully following my breath. Not because I was on a spiritual retreat or anything nearly so noble. I have been conscious of nearly every breath I took because of my health. Now as my air passages slowly respond to medication and I feel them relax — I no longer feel this conscious breathing pattern. Some breaths slip by me unnoticed — gliding all the way to the base of my lungs with some semblance of ease.

Yet the lesson remains.

All in My Life which I have taken for granted to be there each moment, moment after moment — even my very breath — is not a given. This is not the way Life arranges itself.

“Just Kidding This Time, But Wake Your Ass Up” Wake Call received.

Speak mindfully — use my breath — mindfully. Reach out with Love — show my best self. Let go of Time. Mindfully Live in the moment. And the most vital piece, always let the people I love know how very much they mean to me.


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