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We all know what The Right Thing is to do.

Even the ones who do the opposite of what that thing is — they know. Most especially when they chose not to do The Right Thing

We get talked out of The Right Thing in oh so many ways.

We rationalize. We think about the impact on our Now — or our Tomorrow. We forget to live in abundance. We stop living in gratitude and move through life in scarcity.

We listen to the opinions of others. Humans who with kindness and concern, share their own just barely veiled fears. They don’t mean to — they do it under the guise of Love. But you can see their demons peeking out from under the covers and you remember this isn’t about your life at all. It’s always about the other Human in the equation.

Speaking of demons, it’s not like we also don’t have to face down our own. Wounds we thought long healed, triggers we thought long disassembled, fears we thought long banished all rear their head as we monitor the debate between our conscience and our ego.

Through all of this — there is only one truth-teller you can be sure of. There is one receiver you can count on. The one true north star who will never steer you wrong.

Your Heart.

The Universe whispers Her wisdom to our hearts. If we can block out our rational mind, the well-meaning advice of others, and the fear of our demons — we have a fighting chance of hearing it.

That is how we know we are doing The Right Thing. There is a Peace which settles in our heart. There is a certainty we are not alone. There is a complete lack of chaos or anxiety regarding your decision.

You know. This. I was made to do this. And for just a brief moment in your Now — you are gifted with a shining nanosecond of purpose.

The. Right. Thing.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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