Finding The Vast Miracle of Life in the Moment

I’m participating in a class called “The Gift Of Life — A Year To Live”. It’s based on Stephen Levine’s book, ‘A Year To Live’. In These Days of uncertainty and pain — it is equal parts comforting and disquieting to come to understand the fact of one’s own death.

So many of us suffer from a case of mistaken identity for most of Life. We pretend we don’t know we are pretending. We give importance to All. The. Things. which aren’t.

We let ourselves be lost. We look too far ahead at goals and anxieties — and lose focus. We are too busy becoming to actually BE.

We allow ourselves to be lost. We look too far in the past at regrets and fears — and lose focus. We are too busy regressing to actually BE.

We don’t take time when we have The Time.

One of the exercises this week in class was to BE for three hours. Unplugged. No TV, no music, no reading, no internet, no human interactions. We could walk, meditate, even practice yoga. As long as we kept our own company — in our own consciousness.

We had to just BE for that time.

Three hours.

After a week of way too much screen time and way too many images burned in my brain — it was a welcome reprieve.

I lived in My Now for those hours. In peace.

I had no buffers between My Now — My Reality — My Truth — My Life. And an odd thing happened. I was reset. My brain, my emotions, my soul — rebooted.

Life became clearer. More focused. Less chaos — less static.

I was able to identify and stay with what I needed in My Now.

And as I have gone through this class, I have found this is the great gift, the true miracle of existence. If we can live moment to moment — Life becomes so much simpler.

We leave all our past history behind us. We cease to write the narrative which is yet to be. We can focus our energy, our love, our effort on allowing Life to live us. We can see the gifts, the lessons, the fears, the love.

We can drop our masks and recognize our original faces.

The faces we will show Death when She comes to call. We can learn not to hide these true faces. Not from Death and not from Life.


“When we stop protecting ourselves from life, each moment takes on a new significance. We come to treasure our being even more than our becoming.” — Stephen Levine in ‘A Year To Live’

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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