Levis. 505 — I think. Macy’s or Belk. Seek & destroy mission. Go in grab a couple pairs — chose the one that fits. I have a couple pairs of Lucky jeans because they had the best marketing strategy on the face of the planet. They ‘sized’ all their jeans 2 sizes smaller than they are. I’m a size 8–10 depending on whether or not I had that beer last night. I fit into size 4 or size 6 Lucky jeans. Now — I haven’t owned a pair of size 4 jeans since …oh 5th grade. So yeah — I bought them. Just because THAT was fucking brilliant. And you should reward brilliance whenever you find it. :)

If you haven’t already — check out The Minimalists. Couple of 30 something dudes who are teaching us how to find our bliss and free ourselves from all our shit. Material and emotional. I’ve always leaned that way — less is more so I don’t have to dust it all.

Great post BTW! As always!

Self discovery in progress, stay tuned