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Often Life throws you a curveball and you wonder if you knew then what you know now — would you have made the same decisions?

I’m sure everyone has been there — pondering this question. If only…right? But it’s moments like this when we’re sitting there shaking our heads and licking our wounds when we can take the time and look for the lesson.

As I sit here tonight listening to The Critical Inner Voice, I recognize the lesson I should have learned had I but listened to my inner wisdom. She was over- ruled — AGAIN. The result is always the same. A disruption of my peace of mind, a round of ugliness by The Voice, and a bit of self-flagellation for being so foolish.

Sound familiar? I thought so.

The Human Condition. It’s what we do. Our learning curve. Fucking up over and over again is the mantra of existence.

You can’t rewind the past and get a redo. As much as we might dearly like to. We don’t get second takes on Life. You can only keep moving forward and hope to hold on to the lesson — THIS TIME. Because the re-runs of this bloody episode are getting old as hell.

Eventually out of sheer boredom with the whole thing — you will learn. And there will not be a next time.

However, you will find new and exciting adventures to ponder. Other things in your world which you will fuck up. You will move on to the next lesson as you level up in this thing called Life. You can make bank on it.


Self discovery in progress, stay tuned

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